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Earn fixed dollar return on your crypto portfolio and protect it from market volatility

Platform for generating market-neutral returns and hedging

Fixed dollar return

Generate fixed dollar return while protecting your capital

Taking directional bets on crypto might work well in a bull market. However, extreme price volatility may not be appropriate for more conservative investors. Our methodology and tools enable you to convert your crypto portfolio into a “synthetic” deposit that locks-in the dollar value of your investment and effectively earns you a fixed dollar return (capitalized). The rate of return will depend on market conditions at the time when you invest into this strategy.


Hedge your portfolio from market downturns

Similar to traditional capital markets, the market for cryptocurrencies tends to follow boom and bust cycles. Whether you want to protect your crypto holdings against a short-term price decline or prolonged market downturn, our platform gives you the appropriate tools.

Portfolio management framework

Balance between exposure to the market and fixed income return

Your crypto portfolio could be viewed and managed as a combination of two factors: a “market” component driven by cryptocurrency prices and synthetic “cash” that generates fixed income. Depending on your risk appetite and outlook for the market you can allocate part of your portfolio to market exposure (from 0 to 100% of your portfolio) and another part to fixed income - generating “cash”.

HODLer - friendly

Earn income on crypto and hedge without selling cryptocurrencies

Many in the crypto community prefer to hold their digital assets long-term. Frequent trading may negatively affect returns by incurring trading commissions and capital gains taxes. Our platform does not require you to trade frequently. If you already own a crypto portfolio, you do not have to trade cryptocurrencies. All you need is to establish an arbitrage position in crypto derivatives through our Platform and roll it over every few months.

Full control

Control your crypto and fiat funds

Our platform tracks your balances and positions on supported exchanges and blockchains using API keys and public addresses that you choose to provide in your account settings. You do not need to deposit crypto or fiat funds with us and you remain fully in control of your accounts with the relevant crypto exchanges.

Cost efficiency

Limit your costs

We are not a broker or exchange and do not charge you commissions based on the value of assets or generated income. You pay a fixed subscription regardless of the value of your investment, volume of transactions or earned income*.

* You also need to consider third-party fees such as trading fees on cryptocurrency exchanges, fees for moving cryptocurrency to / from exchanges etc. which will be charged directly to you by the relevant service providers / systems. We have no affiliation with these service providers, and you alone will bear this cost.


Our platform allows you to earn fixed US dollar income on your cryptocurrency holdings while eliminating or reducing your exposure to price volatility.


This is achieved by establishing and managing an arbitrage position on supported crypto exchanges using our methodology and programmatic tools.


You maintain the custody of your crypto and fully control your accounts at the exchanges.

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Supported exchanges

Spot and futures crypto exchanges supported by the platform